Acupuncture Center Testimonials

I have been seeing Tom Kirby at The Acupuncture Center for about 6 years. Most recently I spent 5-6 months attempting to resolve severe allergic-type skin reactions. I sought aid from many health care providers and employed various strategies such as diet changes, supplements, acupuncture methods, etc. all to no avail. Finally, I remembered Tom. The 5-Element style he uses has been the key to breaking through this puzzling problem. The most amazing thing is that I had about a 90% reduction in symptoms with the FIRST treatment! Not many can boast of those results. I would recommend Tom Kirby for any problem, not just the difficult cases. Why suffer when you don't have to?
- Joy Michels, PhD

In my early 20's, I began experiencing fatigue and menstrual problems due to hormone imbalances. Because I didn't want to just cover up the problem with medication, I sought out Tom's help with Five Element acupuncture. The treatments healed the root cause of my problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. I found our sessions to be gentle, effective and relaxing. The treatments restored my monthly cycles to normal, balanced my energy levels, and improved my overall moods.
- Heather, Loveland, CO

I started seeing Tom Kirby for acupuncture treatment after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I never considered acupuncture to be a cure for cancer, but I needed my mind and body to be in shape for the fight. A cancer diagnosis can be emotionally devastating, and I knew I needed some help. Tom's name came to me as a result of a referral from another acupuncturist. My first visit with Tom was very, very helpful. I felt immediate relief from the anxiety and fear that had been brewing inside me. I have since been seeing Tom for treatment on a regular basis. I highly recommend Tom as a caring, thoughtful and effective acupuncture professional.
- Matthew Potter, Cheyenne, WY

I was struggling with uncontrollable mood swings and decided to work with Tom. After only two sessions I was smiling, joking, and back to my normal self. The body has a way of letting you know when it is out of balance and I highly recommend Tom Kirby to help restore that balance.
- Esther, Fort Collins

Tom Kirby has done a masterful job blending the heart of a healer with the intellect of a teacher. Each acupuncture session with him is a unique unveiling of our natural state of wellness.
- Timothy Shafer, Certified Advanced Rolfer

I still don't know how this works, but I do know that it works. My stress levels after getting laid off were at an all time high, and years of sporting injuries had left me with persistent pain that sapped my energy and good humor. A friend suggested I give acupuncture with Tom a try. I'd been to TCM acupuncture before and found it somewhat helpful. The 5 Element Acupuncture that Tom does is different — it really strikes a deep chord. My energy has increased enormously since beginning treatment with Tom, and continues to get better after each treatment. Most importantly, I feel an ease inside that had been missing for some time. And those aches and pains have decreased to not even capturing my attention. Tom attributes some of this to my increased water consumption — he's really concerned that I drink enough water. My treatments are spaced out to once every 2 or3 months, and I'll keep seeing Tom because it is a sound investment in helping me to achieve my goals. Thanks for being such a caring man Tom.
- Keith C., Fort Collins

I had been taking various anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications for a few years and wanted to get off of them, but was worried about how I would manage without. I felt as if a weight was lifted from me at the first treatment. I felt so much better when I came in the next week that I told Tom I'd gladly pay to see him weekly if it meant I wouldn't have to take the medications any more. He reassured me that if I took care of a few basic things that it probably wouldn't be long before I only needed to see him for an occasional maintenance treatment. I followed his suggestions regarding drinking water and exercising at least three times a week, and gradually weaned off of the medications. Within three months we were stretching the interval between treatments to once every few weeks. That was 2 years ago, and now I see Tom every month or so. I'd still come weekly if I needed to, but I don't. I feel great and am able to deal with the pressures and joys of life in a healthier way now.
- Jill M., Fort Collins

I'm inspired by the effectiveness of the five-element acupuncture. I feel the best I have in years after working with Tom.
- Bernadette C., Longmont, Colorado

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude. What a journey this has been. Thanks for your help and support along the way.
- Ellen H.

Chronic, debilitating pain had brought to me a place of despair. Modern medicine could not identify the source and offered nothing but a list of pills to try. Through Tom's care I was able to face the pain, acknowledge it and over several months of treatment significantly reduce it until it no longer was my constant thought and focus. Balancing the 5 Elements can bring peace and healing. Tom brings years of study and practice to the healing arts with a true calling to care. Thank you Tom!
- Steve S, Fort Collins