About Tom

My passion is Five Element Acupuncture as taught by the late master J. R. Worsley, and his successor Judy Becker Worsley. I love it because it really does treat the whole person, and it focuses very precisely on identifying and treating you in the most helpful way possible.

I began to receive treatment in 1991 and was immediately taken not just by the fact that symptoms of a two year long illness began to end forever, but because I felt much greater mental clarity and deeply well emotionally. That reflects the effectiveness of this medicine at a deep level.

I have been a faculty member at The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture (ITEA), an accredited school of Five Element Acupuncture in Louisville, Colorado, for over twelve years, and love teaching there. I currently serve as a Clinical Supervisor, and have previously served as Faculty Chair.

I have also studied detox auricular (ear) acupuncture techniques, as well as allergy elimination techniques. I am happy to incorporate these techniques as needed.

I am a devoted family man. My wife and I have shared childcare duties for the last six and half years, and I'm grateful that we've been able to do so.

There is a great need in humanity to experience our whole health in body, mind and spirit. I believe that as we embrace our health through and through, it is a great gift for all.